Pik Nik

Feature Documentary

Supported by IDFA bertha fund

Day turns to dusk, dusk to chaotic night. Music throbs, food is passed, vibrant colours light dull sands. Through a series of cinematic tableau vivant PIK-NIK documents the annual theatrical spectacle of picnic culture of East Indian winters.

This is a visual essay on the act of gathering, a story of looking and coming together, it broods over increasingly noxious displays of nationalistic fervour, xenophobia and patriarchy, providing new visions of the complex shifting realities of present-day India.

A film by Dávid Mikulán, Bálint Révész

Executive Producer – Luke W Moody


Directors: Dávid Mikulán, Bálint Révész
Producer: Viki Réka Kiss
Executive Producer: Luke W Moody