The Olympic Tribe

In Production
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics promises to be the most technologically advanced Games in history, what does this mean in a world where communities more akin to a distant past still permeate our planet? We follow a group of indigenous hunters on their journey to the world’s largest metropolis, Tokyo. It is here that we meet a young athlete on the verge of fulfilling her dream of competing for her country on the international stage. The film is set to juxtapose the two worlds, reflecting on the values that unite all humanity whilst also offering the wise reflections of a people observing the modern world for the first time proposing an argument where an ideal reality lies somewhere in the middle.


Director: Balint Revesz
Producers: Angus McInnes & Jamie Wolfeld
Co- Producer: Orban Wallace
Director of Photography: Jamie Wolfeld
Camera Operators: Jamie Wolfeld & Angus McInnes
Sound Recordist: Angus McInnes
Translated by Noveniryanti Usun

In Association with Forest Peoples Program (FPP)
Gallivant Film
LedWolf Bear Production