Another News Story

Set amid the global news-storm of September 2015, right up to the demolition of the Calais Jungle in October 2016, Another News Story covers the main news from the refugee crisis, with unique footage of the worldwide press descending on the refugees to cover their migration across Europe. As the news teams focus on the refugees, we turn our cameras on those reporting, with fascinating and often uncomfortable results.

In a world of Brexit and Trump, where the phrase of our time has become ‘post-truth’, this feature couldn’t be more timely. The narrative has changed, with growing xenophobia and antagonism towards refugees and immigrants. Central to this is the role the media has played in informing and influencing public and political opinion. We go behind the scenes with the news crews and journalists who decide what is newsworthy during the refugee crisis.

It will serve as an eye-opening account of how news is created, and a reminder that for many this was much more than Another News Story.



Director: Orban Wallace
Producer: Verity Wislocki
DOP: Joshua Allott
Editors: Michael Nollet, Dominic Stabb
Production Manager: Balint Revesz
Sound: Leo Smith
Camera Assistant: Jamie Wolfeld

Production Companies:

Gallivant Film, Wislocki Films